Ant Nest Granules

Ant Nest Granules

Ant Nest Granules 2021

Ant Nest Granules

Registration No. L8874 – ACT 36 OF 1947

KOMBAT ANT NEST GRANULES is a granular bait with stomach action for the control of brown house ant species in gardens and outside the house.

Active Ingredient
Hydramethylnon (Amidinohydrazone) - 7,3g/kg

KOMBAT ANT NEST GRANULES controls brown house ant species.

10g per square meter where nest entrance holds are concentrated.
Severe infestations should be treated at 7g per square meter three weeks after initial application.
Apply when ants are active, preferably in the later afternoon as maximum foraging usually occurs at this time during the night. Ant Nest Granules is rapidly broken down in sunlight. Morning applications will be less effective and should be avoided. Do not apply Ant Nest Granules if rain is expected within 12 hours of application.
Apply evenly by hand wearing gloves 10g per square meter where nest
entrance holes are concentrated.

Available in 50g

Ant Nest Granules is classified caution with a blue band