KOMBAT MALATHION is an emulsifiable concentrate, contact and stomach poison for the control of a number of insects as listed on fruit, citrus, flowers, ornamentals, vegetables and lawns as well as flying and crawling insects in the home and other dwellings.  KOMBAT MALATHION is extremely versatile and can be utilized as an insect bait or as a spray to foliage and soil.  It is quick acting and has a good residual effect.

Available in 100ml

Registration No. L8317 – ACT 36 OF 1947

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Effective Against The Following Pests:
Ants, Aphids, Astylus, Bed Bug, CMR Beetle, Cockroach, Cricket, Diamond Back Moth, Fly, Fruit Fly, Fungus Gnat, Grasshopper, Ladybird, Lawn Caterpillar, Maely Bug, Mole Cricket, Mosquito, Pumpkin Fly, Scale, Thrip