Lawn Weeder

Lawn Weeder

Lawn Weeder 2021

Lawn Weeder

Registration No. L8770 – ACT 36 OF 1947

KOMBAT LAWN WEEDER is a soluble concentrate herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds, as listed, in turf, lawns, grass pastures and industrial areas.

Active Ingredient
Dicamba (benzoic acid) - 120g/ℓ
Dicamba as the dimethylamine salt - 144,5g/ℓ
MCPA (phenoxyacetic acid) - 300g/ℓ
MCPA as the potassium salt - 357.0g/ℓ

KOMBAT LAWN WEEDER is only used on well established grass in lawns, turf and grass pastures. The grass to be sprayed must have a well-developed secondary root systems and must have already been grazed or cut at least twice.

KOMBAT LAWN WEEDER CAN BE USED FOR: Creeping sorrel, khaki burr weed, dandelion, red milkweed, upright starburr and blackjack.

Available in 100ml

Lawn Weeder is classified harmful with a yellow band