Rats & Mice Pellets

KOMBAT RATS & MICE PELLETS contains brodifacoum, a second generation single feed anti-coagulant rodenticide. Anti-coagulants prevent blood clotting and thins the blood of target animals. It requires only a very small dose in single meal to control rodents unlike some other rodenticides that need to be taken in successive doses to be effective. Rats and mice that have become resistant to the older warfarin containing rodenticides will easily be controlled with this product as it requires a minute quantity to kill the target. It contains a bittering agent to deter domestic animals and young children from eating it.  APPLY KOMBAT RODENTICIDES ONLY IN A BAIT STATION TO PREVENT EXPOSURE OF PEST AND CHILDREN TO THE BAITS!

Available in 75g, 100g, 250g and 500g

Registration No L6424 - ACT 36 OF 1947

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