Cypermethrin Home Garden

Cypermethrin Home Garden

Cypermethrin Home Garden 2021

Cypermethrin Home Garden

Registration No. L9806 – ACT 36 OF 1947

KOMBAT CYPERMETHRIN HOME GARDEN is an emulsifiable concentrate and stomach insecticide for the control of home garden pests.

Active Ingredient
Cypermethrin (Pyrethroid) - 20g/ℓ

KOMBAT CYPERMETHRIN HOME GARDEN has a full strength formula and can be applied as a full cover spray to both foliage and soil.

To obtain better emulsion stability it is recommended to first mix the concentrate with a small quantity of water (10mℓ product to 1ℓ water).
Mix thoroughly and add the rest of the water until the desired volume spray is obtained. Do not mix with oils, seaweed extracts and other pesticides. Use only as directed.

KOMBAT CYPERMETHRIN HOME GARDEN CAN BE USED FOR: Fruitflies, codling moth, codlin moth leaf roller, American bollworm, diamond back moth, false codling moth, snout beetles and cutworms.

Available in 100ml

Cypermethrin Home Garden is classified harmful with a yellow band