Rats & Mice Blocks

Rats & Mice Blocks

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Rats & Mice Blocks

Registration No. L6425 - ACT 36 OF 1947

KOMBAT RATS & MICE BLOCKS is an anticoagulant bait (substance that thins the blood, thus not allowing it to clot) rodenticide which controls rodents.

Active Ingredient
Brodifacoum (Anticoagulant) - 0,05g/kg
Bittering agent

KOMBAT RATS & MICE is effective in the control of rats and mice that are resistant to warfarin – an anticoagulant that has been used in many other rodenticides. KOMBAT RATS & MICE is a first generation active ingredient. Thus smaller doses of the product are needed than with other rodenticides ie. it is more effective at lower rates. It is safer for larger mammals e.g. dogs and cats, decreasing the chances of secondary poisoning. It contains a bittering agent, which acts as a deterrent for domestic animals and young children. The blocks are blue in colour and are therefore unattractive to birds. Each block has the words “RAT POISON” engraved on it. This acts as a warning to humans.

Place 5 – 7 blocks where there are signs of rodents such as behind fridges and stoves. Cover the bait in such a way that domestic animals and children cannot come into contact with it. Check the bait daily and replace when necessary. Rodents need only feed once on the product before the product is effective. In other words, the rodent dies after the first feed. Continue to place the bait until no signs of feeding are noted. f placing the product in the roof or ceiling, place the blocks above the ceiling. Repeat when necessary.

Available in 75g

Rats & Mice Blocks is classified harmful with a yellow band