Malathion 2021


Registration No. L8317 – ACT 36 OF 1947

KOMBAT MALATHION is an emulsifiable concentrate, contact and stomach poison for the control of a number of insects as listed on fruit, citrus, flowers, ornamentals, vegetables and lawns as well as flying and crawling insects in the home and other dwellings.

Active Ingredient
Mercaptothion [Organophosphate] - 500g/ℓ

KOMBAT MALATHION is extremely versatile and can be utilized as an insect bait or as a spray to foliage and soil. It is quick acting and has a good residual effect.

KOMBAT MALATHION CAN BE USED FOR: Aphids, CMR beetles, scale, thrips, mealybugs, pumpkin fly, diamond black moth, lawn caterpillars, ant holes, astylus, fruitfly, bedbugs, ladybird and fungus gnats.

Available in 100ml

Malathion is classified caution with a blue band